for an architecture of reality

FAREstudio is the result of over 25 years of experience in architectural design, technology, management and organization, an attempt to balance ethical commitment and professional sustainability pursued combining commercial/conventional commissions and more experimental opportunities.

“FARE” is an Italian verb derived from the Latin word facere. It can be translated as to do, to make or to produce. The English meaning of FARE – the price to be paid for a service or, extensively, a  trip – while unintentional, is inherently significant; “studio” derives from Latin studium [“study, eagerness”] and refers to a workroom but also to all those working together with a zeal for the production which occurs in a studio space, sharing a method and finalities.

FAREstudio is concentrated on appropriateness as integration of customary solutions and innovations, merged according to different contexts and circumstances. In general this approach is particularly significant in context of scarcity but it is increasingly becoming the [forced] paradigm of our times that applies to the whole globalized, no longer unlimited, planet.

the poorer the context, the more demanding the project: SCARCITY dictates APPROPRIATENESS.




In a world where everything from finance to media tends to be [presented as] immaterial, iconic, ephemeral and virtual FAREstudio is focused on being practical, circumstantial, substantial, the antithesis of cosmetic, visual architecture. When design appears to oscillate dangerously between the virtualization of products and the narcissism of protagonists, FAREstudio pursues a realistic approach to architecture.
The confrontation with reality sought by FAREstudio  is not, however, the sign of an adhesion to a [presumed] neutrality of technique, be it economic, programmatic or constructive: the critical analysis of the premises of each project [context, objectives, and restrictions] constitutes the foundation of an approach in which the centrality of tectonic dimension, the relevance of typological and functional innovation, the implications of symbolic values are measured using the essential filter of social responsibility.




Philippe Rotthier – European Prize for Architecture_Brussels, Belgium
Special Prize

CBF_Women’s Health Centre_Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Aga Khan Award for Architecture_Geneva, Switzerland
Shortlisted Project

CBF_Women’s Health Centre_Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

World Architecture Festival_Barcelona, Spain
Health Category Winner

CBF_Women’s Health Centre_Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso



Boundaries n.10_Architecture for Emergencies
No Country for Architects
Community approach vs.minimum quantitative standard
Shelter summerization, from shelter to box and back
Nyeel and Pariang Refugee Camps

Boundaries n.9_Do it yourself Architecture
Capacity-building and crisis relief: FAREstudio in Mauritania: a castle of sand?

Domus n.916
FARE in Africa. Contro la retorica ecologista, un centro per i diritti delle donne.




Triennale di Milano_Milan, Italy
AFRICA Big Change Big Chance


Polis University_Tirana, Albania
Workshop SMALLbuildings/BIGchanges Tutors: Erika trabucco, Eljor Kerciku, Flavio Giaccone FAREstudio


Polis University_Tirana, Albania
From mythology to reality, Riccardo Vannucci, FAREstudio


Polis University_Tirana, Albania
For an Architecture of Reality, Riccardo Vannucci, FAREstudio















space is a limited resource: it must be treated with sensitivity to make the world habitable, healthy, comfortable

Enhancement of sustainability
of EU funded projects in Chad

60 sandbags schools
[Mbera refugee camp, Mauritania]

Pesticide Warehouse
[Tulear, Madagascar]

Training Centre
[Sassara, Central African Republic]

Shelter summerization
[Zaatari refugee camp, Jordan]

Centre pour le Bien-être des Femmes
[Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso]

Pediatric Health Clinic
[East Africa]


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