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May 26, 2015


From our specific point of observation the current, systematic genocide of migrants  and refugees [expressions often confused and confusing] has one cause and two possible solutions. The cause is social, and therefore political: as a notoriously extremist like the Pope Francesco put it, they are escaping from danger and, above all, poverty. As simple as that. And they are escaping attracted to the dreamland of abundance and safety.

The solution number one is the Kurtz’s suggestion to ‘drop the bomb’, if you can stand it. The second is to dramatically [radically and immediately] activate a real mechanism of redistribution of resources.

With reference to a domain we are quite familiar with, international cooperation, this does not mean to pass from 0.7% of rich economies GDP devoted to cooperation to, say, 0.8%: it means to multiply by ten, twenty it, and to significantly improve the quality of the service.

International cooperation must be transformed from being ‘a tool of foreign affairs’ as naively declared by Italian Cooperation Office to the obligation of a globalized world to set up a welfare system.

Rich economies must use the best way invented till now to achieve redistribution and social stability: a balanced fiscal organization, comprehensive, in line with a reality where money, raw materials, goods, travel without limitations and people cannot.

Needless to say, the system should be managed properly [honestly, transparently, sustainably etc] of course, ça va sans dire

This is quite distant from unilateral initiative ‘to devolve’ something to the poor but unfortunately, in the increasingly polarized, globalized world, poor economies will not ‘develop’ simply by force of ‘free’ market and aids.

Less charity, less ‘neutrality’, less rhetoric, less excuses for ‘past’ colonial blames, more action now [as long as you are not ready to drop the bomb, fortunately].

We all must pay what is needed, not what we deem appropriate to keep the system   going, somehow: the system is, literally, sinking in the sea of our indifference, together with some hundreds of human beings a day.

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